Carolina Ortiz is in her fifth year at UBC where she double majors in Political Science and Creative Writing. Her main interests include: Latin American politics, women’s rights, indigenous rights, as well as ocean and marine conservation. As a Creative Writing major, Carolina is partial to writing for children and comics where she hopes to use these platforms to introduce children to political issues in a way that they can understand and relate to them. In her spare time, she enjoys being by the sea while she reads or crochets. She also likes to either cook or try new brunch spots with her friends on the weekends. Carolina is super excited to contribute to the 2019 edition of the JPS and is looking forward to a year filled with engaging topics and lovely people.


Kathryn Leach is a fourth year student majoring in International Relations with a minor in History. Having traveled throughout her university years, Kathryn’s research interests include security and diplomacy, gender and Middle Eastern studies. Hoping to continue these studies abroad in a post-grad setting, Kathryn’s passion for activism continues to draw her towards human rights and foreign policy issues. She can be found arguing in classes across campus, cuddling with stray animals and pursuing her commitment to the perfect vinyl collection. She hopes to bring an international perspective to the Journal of Political Studies.


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