Emma Saddy

This is Emma Saddy's third year with the Journal of Political Studies and her final year as an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia. After completing her degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics, Emma intends to pursue a graduate degree or potentially a law degree, but not before taking a well-earned break. Currently, her interests include political implications surrounding security and international economy, as well as how race and gender effect those areas. Time permitting, Emma is also a musician and slam poet, and involved in two or three too many clubs on campus. Emma is looking forward to another year of broadening her horizons with the range of topics covered by submissions, and hopes for yet another engaging and intellectually stimulating experience.


Ana Merino

This is Ana's second year with the Journal of Political Studies, and she is extremely excited to be back. This is also Ana's last year as an undergraduate student at UBC, where she has been completing a major in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. She is passionate about Latin American Politics, particularly regarding issues of security, development, and gender. In her spare time, Ana loves to read, write, and dance. She is looking forward to another fulfilling experience with the Journal this year. 


Bailey Ramsay

This is Bailey's fifth and final year at UBC, studying English literature and creative writing. Aspiring to pursue a career in the publishing industry, she has worked as an editor at The Ubyssey student newspaper for two years among numerous other internships. Before settling down at a cozy desk after her undergraduate degree, she hopes to live and work in Japan for a year and backpack around the surrounding areas of Asia. With an unparalleled enthusiasm for grammar, Bailey is eager to begin her time working with the Journal of Political Studies.


Senior Editors

Amy Gill is currently completing a Double Honours in Political Science and English Literature. Her interests in Political Science include human rights within the Canadian context and South Asia. As an English student, her interests include the Asian diaspora and transnational literature. She is currently researching the evolution of Shakespearean adaptations in Indian cinema. Amy is excited to be back with the JPS for a second year and is looking forward to reading the various papers dealing with politics submitted by undergraduates at UBC.

Harmillan Oberoi is completing his final year as an undergraduate student at UBC and his second year with the Journal of Political Studies. He is excited to be back as an editor and has since completed political science courses in immigration and human rights. Outside of the classroom he enjoys reading, listening to music and playing tennis.

Nikos Wright is a Political Science student and was published in the JPS in 2015, subsequently serving as an editor for the journal last year. He is excited to be back with the journal this year as a senior editor. Aside from the JPS, Nikos also serves as the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Representative for the International Relations Students Association (IRSA). He also has experience working in the Canadian federal government, with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Western Economic Diversification Canada. Some of his academic interests within Political Science include political theory, political sociology, globalization, methodology analyses, and diasporas.

Tiago de Souza Jensen is a fourth year International Relations and Geography double major student at UBC and is sitting his second year as an editor at the JPS. His academic interests focus on sustainable urban development, capital, and environmental policy. Tiago helped create the Model United Nations Student Association at UBC and host the inaugural UBC Model Parliament last year. In his free time, Tiago studies languages (French, Portuguese, and Japanese), consumes too much tea and wine, and loves an espresso as dark as his favourite dystopian novels.

Vivian Wan is in her final year at UBC completing her degree in Political Science Honours with a minor in International Relations. This is her second year with the Journal and she is excited about another fulfilling opportunity to review work done by her peers. After her undergrad, she hopes to pursue experiences working with advocacy groups in areas of environmental policy or immigration law as well as to travel throughout Europe. Outside of school, she is an avid cappuccino consumer, half-marathon runner, and musical theatre lover.

Vukasin Potic is in his final year at UBC, pursuing an Honours degree in Political Science with International Relations. This is his second year with JPS and he is thoroughly excited about the upcoming submissions from his colleagues and the discussions with the editorial team. After his undergraduate studies, Vukasin hopes to pursue a PhD in Political Theory. His research interest is Marxism, and the way it explains the social phenomena. He likes fluffy cats, literature, theatre and libraries. 


Andrea Cruz is a third year undergraduate student at UBC, completing a major in Political Science and a minor in commerce. Her political interests include North American and Latin American politics particularly in the topics of immigration, education and income inequality. She also enjoys looking at the role multinational corporations have in international affairs and the relationship between the public and private sector. Andrea loves to travel, meet new people and watch documentaries. This is Andrea's first year with the Journal of Political Studies and , she is looking forward to learning from the submissions and discussing the papers with the rest of the editorial board.

Carolina Ortiz is in her third year at UBC, currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Creative Writing. Her interests include marine life and ocean conservation, particularly regarding sharks as well as Latin American Politics mostly pertaining to Indigenous women and children. As a Creative Writing major, her main interest is writing for children where she hopes to use this platform to introduce chiladren to political issues in a way that they can understand and relate to them. In her spare time, Carolina loves to read, cook, crochet, and try new brunch spots with her friends. She is super excited to be a part of the JPS team and is looking forward to a year filled with engaging topics and lovely new people. 

Colin Kulstad is entering his fourth and final year at UBC, pursuing a major in Political Science with a minor in International Relations. Fluent in French and Japanese, Colin has extensively studied in Japan and Germany and he hopes after graduation to continue to work between both countries. Outside of JPS Colin has held executive positions within both the Japan Society and Japan Career Network, is active within various international diasporas on campus and works within the Vancouver film industry.  

Felipe Alfaro is entering his third year at UBC, pursuing a major in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. Felipe is passionate about Latin American politics, especially in regards to gender and education. In his spare time, Felipe enjoys exercising, playing soccer and reading. He currently works as a Residence Advisor on campus. 

Grace Kamara is in her final year at UBC, pursing a Major in International Relations and a Minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. Grace hails from Ghana and as such, is particularly interested in International Development and African Politics. More specifically, she takes a feminist approach to understanding institutional failure in Africa and seeks to propose sustainable solutions that would fortify African states to resist geographical, disease and human resource challenges. After graduation, Grace intends to pursue an Msc or MPhil in International Development.

Gray Morfopoulos is in his fourth year at UBC, pursuing a major in International Relations. His interests include international trade policy, foreign policy, and European Union politics. Outside of academics he is a Residence Advisor, a member of UBC Vice, and enjoys playing soccer, guitar, and classic films. This is Gray's first year with the Journal of Political Studies.

Jack Jefferson is in his third year at UBC, currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science. His academic interests include international trade theory, international political economy, and the implications of issues such as international investment and monetary relations. After completing his degree, Jack intends to gain a few years of work experience and eventually pursue graduate studies. In his spare time Jack enjoys drinking far too much coffee, travelling, and scuba-diving any chance he can get.

Kaelin Hickford is in her final year of Honours Political Science, and intends to pursue an MSc in International Relations next year. Kaelin is incredibly passionate about European Politics and works for the Institute of European Studies at UBC. Last year, Kaelin helped co-found PSSA’s Moot Court and currently serves as co-chair, in addition to co-founding the Panel Policy Institute, a student run recommendation and policy organization for UBC students. Kaelin is also a TA at UBC and enjoys helping students find their niche interest in politics. In her spare time, she loves to travel and learn languages, in addition to shamelessly enjoying Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Maria José Valverde is in her third year as an undergraduate student from the Dual Degree Programme between UBC and Sciences Po, which enabled her to study her first two years of university in France and her last two years in Vancouver. The Sciences Po campus in Normandy was mostly focused on Asian and European studies, which allowed her to relate her Economics and International Relations degree to real case studies in these regions. She is passionate about discovering the well-known theories of economics in everyday lives and in pursuing her studies focused on global conflict resolution. She finds especially fascinating the understanding of the diverse perspectives that arise due to cultural differences from the same issues. 

Marina Favaro is in her final year as an undergraduate in International Relations. Marina supplemented her educational pursuits by participating in a cultural exchange program called Canada World Youth, which enabled her to live and work in rural Canadian and Peruvian communities for a year. Following her involvement as a participant in a cultural exchange, she began working as a facilitator for a national cultural and linguistic exchange for youth. Her academic interests include poststructural feminist IR theory, Indigenous affairs, and cultural diplomacy. Marina has also been involved in Vancouver's music scene for the past 6 years and at the intersection of music and philanthropy lies her most significant campus involvement; an organization called Generocksity. Next year, Marina looks forward to leaving her hometown of Vancouver for adventure, or grad school, but ideally, both.

Michelle de Haas is in her final year as an undergrad at UBC with a major in Political Science. After completing her degree Michelle hopes to continue her education in law, and she plans on being the Canadian Prime Minister is approximately 30 years (vote for her!). This is her first year with the JPS and she is very excited to be part of the editing team. Michelle is passionate about Political Theory and loves debating modern political issues. She is interested in examining the role of power in global politics, and the impact of gender and race in social and political development. Michelle also loves dancing, travelling, playing Tetris, and reading Harry Potter.

Philip Finkelstein is entering his final year at UBC. It has been an amazing four years at this beautiful school, but it is soon time to turn the page. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, he will likely being moving back to the United States to start work as a journalist in either Boston or Manhattan. There is also a pretty good chance he may go to Vietnam to teach English for a year before starting his career. Whatever he decides, his passion for politics will always find its way to the forefront. He loves to travel and write, as well as ski when he gets the chance. Phil is excited to be part of the JPS team this year.

Puneet Heer is in her third year at UBC, majoring in Political Science, hoping to transition into an Honours degree in her fourth year. This is her first year joining the Journal of Poltical Studies and she could not be more excited. Puneet is passionate about the Canadian government and the International system. She is interested in understanding the implications of globalization and the global politics that dictate our system. Along with the International stage, Puneet is also interested in understanding domestic politics and immigration policies. After completing her degree, Puneet hopes to attend graduate school to obtain a Masters of Public Policy and Global Affairs and eventually work within the Canadian Government. In her spare time, Puneet enjoys drinking endless cups of chai, watching movies and taking a great nap.

Robin Hadac is in her final year at UBC completing a double major in Psychology and Political Science. Her political interests include American public and foreign policy, feminism and social justice, and global environmental politics. She enjoys connecting psychology and political science in research to offer an expanded approach to political analysis. Robin loves to travel and is grateful to have had many work, study and research aborad opportunities in Ecuador, Australia and Tanzania, respectively. After graduation, she hopes to work for an environmental NGO that offers international placements so that she can continue her love for travel and her passion for political activism.

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