Tiago de Souza Jensen is in his final year as an International Relations and Geography double major student at UBC, and this is his third year with the Journal. His academic interests focus on sustainable urban development, capital, and environmental policy. Tiago helped create the Model United Nations Student Association at UBC and host the inaugural UBC Model Parliament last year. In his free time, Tiago is pursuing wine studies, dabbles in languages (French, Portuguese, and Japanese), and loves an espresso as dark as his favourite dystopian novels.

Jack Jefferson is in his fourth year at UBC, currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science. His academic interests include international trade theory, international political economy, and the implications of issues such as international investment and monetary relations. After completing his degree, Jack intends to gain a few years of work experience and eventually pursue graduate studies. In his spare time Jack enjoys drinking far too much coffee, travelling, and scuba-diving any chance he can get.


Puneet Heer is in her fourth year at UBC, majoring in Political Science. This is her second year with the Journal of Poltical Studies and she could not be more excited. Puneet is passionate about the Canadian government and the International system. She is interested in understanding the implications of globalization and the global politics that dictate our system. Along with the International stage, Puneet is also interested in understanding domestic politics and immigration policies. After completing her degree, Puneet hopes to attend graduate school to obtain a Masters of Public Policy and Global Affairs and eventually work within the Canadian Government. In her spare time, Puneet enjoys drinking endless cups of chai, watching movies and taking a great nap.


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