Tiago de Souza Jensen is in his final year as an International Relations and Geography double major student at UBC, and this is his third year with the Journal. His academic interests focus on sustainable urban development, capital, and environmental policy. Tiago helped create the Model United Nations Student Association at UBC and host the inaugural UBC Model Parliament last year. In his free time, Tiago is pursuing wine studies, dabbles in languages (French, Portuguese, and Japanese), and loves an espresso as dark as his favourite dystopian novels.

Jack Jefferson is in his fourth year at UBC, currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science. His academic interests include international trade theory, international political economy, and the implications of issues such as international investment and monetary relations. After completing his degree, Jack intends to gain a few years of work experience and eventually pursue graduate studies. In his spare time Jack enjoys drinking far too much coffee, travelling, and scuba-diving any chance he can get.


Puneet Heer is in her fourth year at UBC, majoring in Political Science. This is her second year with the Journal of Poltical Studies and she could not be more excited. Puneet is passionate about the Canadian government and the International system. She is interested in understanding the implications of globalization and the global politics that dictate our system. Along with the International stage, Puneet is also interested in understanding domestic politics and immigration policies. After completing her degree, Puneet hopes to attend graduate school to obtain a Masters of Public Policy and Global Affairs and eventually work within the Canadian Government. In her spare time, Puneet enjoys drinking endless cups of chai, watching movies and taking a great nap.

Senior editors

Felipe Alfaro is in his second year with the Journal of Political Studies and his third year at UBC. He is pursuing a major in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. Felipe is passionate about Latin American politics, especially in regards to gender and education. In his spare time, Felipe enjoys working out, playing soccer as a defender, listening to podcasts on Politics and reading anything that comes his way. After graduation he intends to go to graduate school or go back to his home country, Panama, to pursue a career in Law. Felipe is excited to start another year with the Journal and looks forward to discussing papers with his fellow editors.

Andrea Cruz is in her fourth and final year at UBC, majoring in Political Science and minoring in commerce. Her political interests include North American and Latin American politics particularly in the topics of immigration, education and income inequality. She also enjoys looking at the role multinational corporations have in international affairs and the relationship between the public and private sector. She is currently interested in the North America Free Trade Agreement negotiations and its impact on environmental and human rights. Similarly, she is concerned with how the current US administration is handling immigration policies and its implications for policy prescription domestically and internationally. In her free time Andrea loves to travel, meet new people, watch documentaries and discuss current political affairs. She is very excited to be back with the JPS as a senior editor and is looking forward to examining the papers with the editorial board.

Amy Gill is in her third year with the Journal of Political Studies. She is currently completing a double major in Political Science and English Literature. Her interests in Political Science include human rights and postcolonial theory. She is currently researching the consumption of non-Western forms of popular culture by Western audiences and the effects of intercultural exchange. Amy is excited to be back with the JPS as a senior editor and is looking forward to reading a diverse set of submissions and hoping to publish another great edition of the Journal.

Andy Holmes is a 4th-year Honours sociology student doing a minor in Critical Studies in Sexuality. His thesis involves studying the controversy of police marching in Vancouver's Pride parade in order to better make sense of the future of contemporary queer politics and social movements. This is his first year with the Journal of Political Studies as an editor, although he published an article in the journal's 19th edition. He is currently Co-Editor-in-Chief for Sojourners, UBC's undergraduate sociology journal, a Wesbrook & Premier Undergraduate award recipient, a member of the City of Vancouver's LGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee, and a research and teaching assistant in UBC's Department of Sociology. Andy is particularly interested in researching social movements, identity politics, globalization, social inequalities particularly around race, queer/LGBTQ2+ issues, and absolutely anything controversial. In 2019 he will begin pursuing a PhD in Sociology.

Carolina Ortiz is in her fourth year at UBC and her second year with the Journal of Political Studies. She is a double major in Political Science and Creative Writing. Carolina loves to learn about the ocean and marine conservation, especially if it has to do with sharks. She is also interested in Latin American Politics, mostly pertaining to Indigenous women and children. As a Creative Writing major, Carolina is partial to writing for children and comics where she hopes to use these platforms to introduce children to political issues in a way that they can understand and relate to them. In her spare time, Carolina loves to be by the sea while she reads or crochets. She also likes to either cook or try new brunch spots with her friends on the weekends. Carolina is super excited to be part of the JPS team as a senior editor and is looking forward to another year full of engaging topics and lovely new people.

María José Valverde is a fourth year undergraduate student from the Dual Degree Programme between UBC and Sciences Po, which enabled her to do her first two years of study in France and her last two years in Vancouver. This is her second year as an editor for the Journal of Political Studies. María José is very passionate about discovering the well-known economic theories in unexpected everyday events and in pursuing her Japanese language studies. She deeply enjoys discussing current global issues, random theories on Martian colonization and reading fascinating pieces on the internet in general (from fiction and non-fiction to Buzzfeed articles). She hopes to continue her studies on development economics after graduation.

junior editors

Alberto Alcaraz is in his last year of his Honours in Political Science degree at UBC. His academic interests include political theory and political philosophy. Specifically, critical theory, feminism, and how forms of domination and oppression shape people’s beliefs and self-conceptions. After completing his degree, Alberto intends to go into a Master’s program in Political Science to continue to pursue his goal of working in academia. In his free time, Alberto enjoys checking out bougie coffee shops around Kits, listening to a lot of music, and watching binge-worthy shows on Netflix.

Benjamin Foster is in his fourth and final year of Political Science at UBC. His academic interests surround Canadian Politics, Public Opinion, and Parliamentary Party Strategy. This is his first year with the Journal, and is excited to contribute to what he sees as the best undergradute journal on campus. Ben has been involved other organizations on campus, notably being the previous President of the PSSA, a Residence Advisor, and the VP Administration of the AUS. After completing his degree he intends to take a gap year to travel and apply to post-graduate schools. When he is not doing readings he spends time watching the Canucks, eating Ramen, and talking about music, politics, and comedy over a beer with his friends.

Chrisanne Kouzas is in her fourth year at UBC, majoring in Political Science. This is her first year with the Journal. Her academic interests include international law, international security, defence policy, foreign policy, diplomacy, and development, with application to such topics as the rise of China, conflict and development in Sub-Saharan Africa, international trafficking of rhino horn and ivory, and the politics and law of outer space. After completing her degree, Chrisanne intends to pursue graduate studies in political science or international law. Chrisanne is thrilled to be a part of the Journal this year, and is excited to have the opportunity to help publish some of the best undergraduate work in political studies at UBC.

Kathryn Leach is a third year student majoring in International Relations with a minor in History. Having traveled throughout her university years, Kathryn’s research interests include security and diplomacy, gender and Middle Eastern studies. Hoping to continue these studies abroad in a post-grad setting, Kathryn’s passion for activism continues to draw her towards human rights and foreign policy issues. She can be found arguing in classes across campus, cuddling with stray animals and pursuing her commitment to the perfect vinyl collection. She hopes to bring an international perspective to the Journal of Political Studies.

Emil Støvring Lauritsen is in his fourth and final year of the UBC-SciencesPo Dual Degree program. At UBC, he is pursuing an Honours degree in political science with international relations. He recently discovered his passion for political communication, and is currently researching the effects of uncivil campaign rhetoric on public perceptions of political candidates. If everything goes as planned, Emil will be going back to Europe to pursue a Masters degree in Politics and Communication after graduation. When not engaged with politics in one way or another, Emil enjoys discovering new wines, exercising, and reading old classics.

Emma Lodge is a fourth year Honours political science student. Her thesis involves studying refugee policy formation in low and middle-income states and she is passionate about immigration, addressing inequality and forming progressive social policy. This is her first year with the JPS and she's excited to learn from her fellow students and editors and help get other student's work out of the classroom and into the world. After graduation, Emma intends to pursue graduate studies in social policy so she can help address inequities at home and abroad. When not studying, writing papers or working as a research assistant, you can find her mountain biking on the North Shore, hiking in the Sea to Sky corridor or reading at the public library.

Chelsea Pang is in her fourth year at UBC majoring in Political Science, and this is her first year with the Journal of Political Studies. She is interested in immigration policy, US and Canadian politics, as well as the role of nationalism in shaping policy and responses to global refugee crises. After graduating, she hopes to either pursue a Masters in Political Science or attend law school to study immigration law. Chelsea is excited to read a variety of different papers submitted to the journal and to work with fellow members of the editorial board. In her free time, Chelsea can be found either re-watching Stranger Things, working on her illustrations, or both at the same time.

Suzi Ross is a fifth year international relations major with a minor in gender, race, sexuality, and social justice. Her academic interests include queer, feminist, critical, and international relations theory. In her research, Suzi critically engages with neoliberalism and biopolitics, especially in regards to the LGBTQIA+ community and sex work. Suzi has been heavily involved with the Model United Nations Student Association on campus and has presented her research on sex work and LGBTQIA+ identities at various UBC conferences. This is Suzi's first year with the JPS and she is very excited to be able to contribute. In her free time Suzi enjoys a warm cup of tea, reading comics, listening to comedy podcasts, and riding her bike!

Clara Roth is in her first year with the Journal for Political Studies. Currently pursuing a major in Political Science and a Master of Management, she couldn’t be more excited to start reading the submissions and being inspired by other people’s ideas. Being from Germany, her interests in Political Science lie in European politics and International Relations, especially the relationship between Canada and Europe. She is very passionate about immigration, inequality and international development, especially in relation to the refugee crisis following the Syrian Conflict. Pursuing the Master of Management has allowed her to gain insight into a very different world than the one prescribed in Political Science - she hopes that this will be an asset for her in the future. When she does not have to write papers herself, you can find her passionately reading Russian literature, teaching German to first graders or volunteering in the Contemporary Art Gallery.

Amelie Tolvin is in her first year with the Journal of Political Studies, and her third year as an undergraduate student at UBC. She is currently pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Russian. Her political interests include American foreign and domestic policy, security studies and conflict resolution, and the politics of Eastern European countries. After completing her undergraduate degree, Amelie intends to continue on to graduate studies and eventually law school. She is very excited to be a part of the JPS team and is looking forward to the year brings!

Arian Zand is in his 3rd year at UBC pursuing his interests in Political Science and Economics. His academic focus is currently on micro analysis of political economy, comparison of rational and behavioural modeling of human decision making, public financial literacy and Middle Eastern politics. These days, he spends a small part of his spare time to study the development of mysticism and Islamic theology. To liberate himself from the sublunary nature of politics, economics and theology, Arian spends the majority of his free time delving into classical Persian literature, in which he finds the most rapturous experience of ascent. It is his first year with JPS as a junior editor and he is excited to read and edit his peers’ papers. He hopes his experience with JPS to be humbling and instructive.