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Elif Kayali is a fourth year international student double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She is especially interested in security studies, political and economic development, Middle Eastern studies, gender studies, and international law. In her free time, Elif likes to watch movies, learn more about film production, and read. After graduating she hopes to either explore journalism or learn more about social work. Elif is super excited to be a part of the 2020 edition of the JPS and is looking forward to a year working with amazing people.


Sara Sanabria is in the dual BA programme with Sciencespo Paris and UBC. At SciencesPo she pursued the Euro-American programme with a concentration in International Law. At UBC she double majors in Political Science and International Relations. Sara's main interests include Latin American Politics, International Law, space Law, and Indigenous rights. Sara hopes to pursue a career in International Arbitration after law school. In her spare time she likes to work out at the gym, go for long walks in the park and watch Spanish language Netflix Originals.


Sabeeha A. Manji is a fourth year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Law and Society. She is interested in a wide range of human rights issues including women's health and human rights, the politics of humanitarianism and forced displacement in the context of migration, ethics in world politics, international security and national security policy with a regional focus on East Africa. In her free time she enjoys playing football and watching nature and wildlife documentaries on Netflix! She intends to pursue a Ph.D in political science/public policy and global affairs after her graduation.


Veronica Stolba is a fifth-year Political Science major with a minor in Law and Society. Although she spends a majority of her time working for the AMS as part of the student government or studying at IKB while drinking copious amounts of coffee and intermittently listening to her favourite podcasts, she does have a few notable hobbies and interests. Veronica enjoys reading crime novels, being active, and spending what little savings she has on travelling. Academically, her interests gravitate towards environmental politics, global security studies, and international relations. After thoroughly enjoying her time with the JPS last year, she is returning as a Senior Editor and is looking forward to another terrifically rewarding and informative experience.

Sydney Kroes is a fourth year Political Science and Urban Studies student interested in the evaluation of public policy, municipal and provincial service delivery, and community engagement in policy and activism. While at UBC, Sydney has trained in mixed research methodologies, which include quantitative methods as well as methods less common to the discipline of Political Science, such as ethnography. Outside of her courses and research, Sydney works as the Community Engagement Assistant at the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning. In her free time, she can be found volunteering in community programming, attending Student and Emerging Evaluators meetings, and drinking copious amounts of coffee while searching for new music to add to her Spotify playlists.


Carson Debert is a fourth year Political Science & Canadian Studies Major from Regina, Saskatchewan. Involved in activism & politics from an early age, they have volunteered on political campaigns on the Municipal, Provincial, and Federal level across the country. In their degree, they have focused largely on Canadian Politics vis a vis federalism, regionalism, elections, and Quebecois nationalism. Their work in Canadian Studies largely focuses on gay history and colonial history. They're hoping to continue their education in Canadian History at the Masters Level. After graduating, they hope to move à Montréal pour améliorer son français! Other activities they enjoy include: eating, sleeping, and drinking water.

Kevin Wong is a third year Political Science major with a minor in Law and Society. He has worked for both the provincial and federal governments, and currently works on two different research projects, one of which focuses on analysis of language used in news reporting and reactions. In research, he is particularly interested in Canadian federalism, political theory, public policy, methods of governance, and collective identity. In his free time, he reads light novels and tries to sleep.

Will Curtin is a fourth year student majoring in Political Science with a minor in German Studies. He has undertaken political activity both in his native UK and in Canada, where he completed the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions' Summer Institute for Future Legislators, gaining invaluable insight into legislative processes in Westminster systems. Outside of school he enjoys keeping fit takes a keen interest in soccer and is an avid fan of Tottenham Hotspur. He cannot wait to get started with the 2020 edition of the JPS and ensuring that the content produced is of the very highest caliber.

Bingjun Tang is a third year student attending the Honours Program in Political Science. His interest in the discipline is currently China-focused, including the characteristics of the country's meritocratic institutions in facilitating governance, as well as the rise of the Chinese state in an international context and its impact to the liberal world order. Due to the recent rise of populism across Western states, Bingjun has also taken up an interest in critically examining the aspects of liberal democracy that have allowed populist sentiments to thrive. He looks forward to a fulfilling year working with fellow editors of the Journal.

Claire Sarson is a fourth year Political Science & Canadian Studies major. Her primary interests include comparative politics, security studies, decolonization, and security and migration trends in settler states. In her free time, Claire likes to read, half-complete crossword puzzles, and excitedly point out dogs on the street. Following graduation, Claire would like to pursue a graduate degree in political science focusing on comparative politics. She is looking forward to an enjoyable and inspiring year with the JPS.

Mehtab Chhina is a fourth year Political science student, his primary interests include political theory, social justice, and security studies. Recently he has found an interest in the writings of Franz Fanon, Karl Marx and Mikhail Bakunin. In his free time, Mehtab loves to watch film, read autobiographical books and has a keen appreciation for rap music. He is very much looking forward to working with fellow students in publishing an edition of JPS that will reflect the world's political climate.

Jaanam Jaswani is a fourth year political science major and English literature minor. Her political interests are in global climate policy, Southeast Asian relations, political theory, and public policy. In her spare time she enjoys performing slam poetry, figure skating, afro-latin social dance, and creating recipes. She's keen on exploring journalism and social impact after graduating, and she's incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to work in such a marvellous team!

Luca di Prata is a forth year student working toward a double major in political science and philosophy. In his spare time, Luca enjoys writing for his Star Wars blog, writing and preforming with his band, and demonstrates an enthusiasm for culinary . Regarding political science and further academic pursuits, Luca’s interests include contemporary political theory and political economics in the context of public policy in democratic countries. Since reading the works of John Maynard Keynes, Milton Friedman, and John Rawls in high-school, his combined passion for politics, economics, and philosophy have since led him to write on the topics of Bitcoin regulation in Canada (2018), a study on the proportional relationship between hate crime statistics and broadcasts (2018), and a comparative analysis of Public-Private Partnerships in Canada (2019). Further, Luca’s interests extend to philosophy of religion, and the intellectual history of western thought.

Cecilia Pang As a curious explorer and life long learner, Cecilia pursues opportunities to expand her world views through stepping outside of her comfort zone such as going to Sciences Po Paris for exchange and learning from the lived experiences of others through her professional and volunteer work. As a Political Science Honours student, she is driven by discovering the underlying motivations behind decision making within public policy and catalyzing her passions of empowering others. She does this through civic engagement, women empowerment, and through initiatives she's founded such as her website in 2012 and her non profit Art2Heart in 2014. She currently works as an Economist and Policy Analyst with the federal government and is working on publishing her completed manuscript of creative nonfiction. Outside of work and school, find her hiking trails in Vancouver, sipping a chai latte with a book, catching up with friends, or meeting new people!

Isabella Preite is a third year student majoring in Political Science. In her senior year of highschool, she represented students at the Vancouver School Board, which fed her curiosity and enthusiasm for the field. She is passionate about the intersection of media and political engagement, and is currently embarking on her own project about how social media is shifting political landscapes. In her free time, Isabella enjoys perusing through vintage clothing stores and considers herself an avid music nerd. Isabella is incredibly excited about working with the JPS team this year and to contribute to this year’s edition.

Isabelle Ava-Pointon is a fourth-year in the dual BA programme with Sciencespo Paris and UBC. At SciencesPo she pursued the Euro-American programme with a concentration in History, and now at UBC she majors in International Relations and Honours History. She has written on foreign affairs for The Sundial Press and the NATO Association of Canada. Isabelle is interested in the study of war in all its forms, throughout history to the present.

Aleena Sharma is a fourth year student pursuing a combined major in Economics and Political Science. Academically, her particular areas of interest include international relations, political and economic development, inequality, and public health. In her spare time, she enjoys watching documentaries, reading mystery novels and volunteering at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. Aleena is excited to help students share their research interests and is looking forward to being a part of the JPS editorial board.

Hollis Mackenzie is a fourth year student majoring in Political Science, while also completing the bachelors portion of a B+MM Degree. He is primarily interested in public policy, public health, international relations and comparative politics. In his free time, Hollis likes to watch movies, follow the news and listening to music. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in the public health field. Hollis is extremely excited to work with the editorial board on the 2019-2020 edition of the Journal of Political Studies.

Sukitha Bandaranayake is a third year international student in the Political Science Honours Program. His interests include political theory, international relations and quantitative methods- particularly questions of ethics in politics and the role small nations with strategic advantages play in big-power rivalries. Sukitha is also an avid musician- a classically-trained pianist and partially self-taught rock/blues guitarist, he loves composing music and is trying to teach himself music production. He also enjoys writing limericks and daydreaming. Sukitha is thrilled to be a member of the 2020 editorial board.

Jasmine Cui is a fourth year political science student. Her primary areas of interest include political theory, comparative politics, and international political economy. In addition to drinking coffee and feeling nostalgic for imagined pasts, Jasmine enjoys reading fiction, powerlifting, and listening to too many NPR podcasts. Jasmine is incredibly excited to be working with the editorial board in bringing about the next edition of the Journal.

Christina Dasom Song is a fourth year majoring in political science and economics. She is delighted whenever there is a print version of anything anymore although she also like trees. Her specific interest within political science is how religion shapes politics as well as how one’s sense of the past informs one’s sense of the possible.

Julian Yau is a third year student majoring in political science, with a minor in law and society. His areas of focus include security studies, international law, and political theory. In his free time, he enjoys watching football, biking around Vancouver, and watching Designated Survivor.