Elif Kayali is a fourth year international student double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She is especially interested in security studies, political and economic development, Middle Eastern studies, gender studies, and international law. In her free time, Elif likes to watch movies, learn more about film production, and read. After graduating she hopes to either explore international reporting or social work. Elif is super excited to be a part of the 2020 edition of the JPS and is looking forward to a year working with amazing people.


Sara Sanabria is in the dual BA programme with Sciencespo Paris and UBC. At SciencesPo she pursued the Euro-American programme with a concentration in International Law. At UBC she double majors in Political Science and International Relations. Sara's main interests include Latin American Politics, International Law, space Law, and Indigenous rights. Sara hopes to pursue a career in International Arbitration after law school. In her spare time she likes to work out at the gym, go for long walks in the park and watch Spanish language Netflix Originals.