We are currently in the process of collecting and digitizing all past editions of the Journal of Political studies. This process is not yet complete. In the meantime, please enjoy the past ten editions.

2016-2017 EDITION

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"La Revolución Será Machista: A Gendered Approach to the Micropolitics of the Sandinista Revolution" by Astghik Hairapetian

"Normalizing Queer Spaces: Have Pride Parades Lost Their Political Touch?" by Andy Holmes

"Political Geography and Subaltern Potentials of a Post-Paris World" by Tiago de Souza Jensen

"A Question of Integration: Why Foreign and Defence Policy Stumbles Within the European Union" by Anson Kai Yiu Ma

"Russia, the West, and the Arctic: Global Conflict and Regional Escalation" by Will Trefiak


2015-2016 EDITION


"The Effects of Term Limits on Elite Stability in Autocratic Regimes" by Alex Chipman-Koty

"Fundamentalist Islam in Gaza: The Evolution of Hamas and the Rise of Salafi-Jihadists" by Julian D'Souza

"Challenging Przeworski and Limongi’s Rejection of Modernization Theory: Evidence from Qatar" by Liane Hewitt

"Globalizing Northern State Power Through Environmental Certification" by Fiona Jones

"From ‘Golden State’ to Bailouts: The case of California in the Great Recession" by McKenzie Rainey

"Amsterdam’s Transformation from Port City to Creative Centre" by Shannon Geok Mui Tan

"Police Body-Worn Cameras: A Foucauldian Analysis of Accountability vs. Visibility" by Hannah Tollefson


2014-2015 EDITION


"Advice, Consent, and the Two Presidencies: Testing Confirmation Durations During the Obama Presidency" by Daniel André Nilsson

"Stop, Look, and Listen: Orientalism, Modernity, and the Shah’s Quest for the West’s Imagination" by James A. F. Watson

"If it Didn’t Exist, They Would Have Invented it: Co-opting Indigenous Imagery, Culture, and Indigeneity at the Sydney 2000 and Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games" by Dominic Lai

"Yellow Velvet: An Analysis of the Major Theoretical Approaches to the 1986 Philippine People Power Revolution" by Nikos Wright

"Yemeni Drones: Discursive Media Reinforcement of us Hegemonic Power" by Iman Baobeid

"Redefining Occupation and Annexation: Israel’s Presence in Gaza and the West Bank Reappraised" by Lucas Maximilian Steigberger

"Challenging Democratic Governance: The Different Faces of Corruption in Colombia" by Manuela Duque Hernández

"Legitimacy-efficacy: A Misleading Dichotomy?" by Karen Slakov

"Indigenous Resistance and Imagining Beyond Capitalism: Reflections From Burnaby Mountain" by Laura Mars


2013-2014 edition

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"Minority Identities in a Minority Nation: A Critical Analysis of Quebec’s  Interculturalism Policy" by Emily Allan

"Multiple Views and Realities of the Social Revolutions: An Argument for the Accumulation of Knowledge through an Intersubjective Understanding of Social Revolution" by Erik Christopher Coates

"The BC Anti-HST Movement: A Precedent for Empowered Populism" by Noah Mayland McKimm

"Slaying the Hydra: The Impact of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act on Insurgency in Tripura" by Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki

"Constitutionally Protected (Maybe): Canadian Aboriginal Governance and Powers, Section 35, and the Nisga’s Final Agreement" by Dominic Lai

"The Ethics of Aggression: An Ethical Analysis of the Just Cause Proviso and the 2001 Invasion of Afghanistan" by Ahmad Sohail Ludin

"Vienna and the New Internationalization of Cities" by Veronica Reiss

"Closer to Nature: Collapsing the Distance between the Natural and Political" by Julia Schuurman

"The International Cooperation Dilemma: Incentives and Disincentives for the Continuation of Bank Secrecy in Switzerland" by Lina Zdruli

2012-2013 Edition

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"No More Status Quo Ante Bellum: Responding to (Indefinite) Emergencies" by Zoé Kruchten

"Inclusive Economic Growth in Oil-Rich Nations: Institutional Comparisons between Algeria and Angola" by Johann Lingohr

"Overcoming the United States: An Analysis of the Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement" by Roopa Mann

"Shifting Paradigms: The War on Terror and the Bush Administration’s Universal Morality" by Divia Mattoo

"The Moral Implications of the American Use of Armed Drones" by Carly Peddle


2011-2012 EDITION


"Beyond Rhetoric: The Prospects and Challenges of Indo-Pakistani Confidence Building Measures" by Michael Barrett

"Women’s Representation in Sweden’s Legislature and the Causal Role of Party Quotas" by Elliot Carter

"An Unexpected Advantage: The Strategic Use of Gender in Female Political Campaigns" by Terrie Chan

"Biased Investment: The Problem with Technology Transfer from the Developed to the Developing World" by Codi Hauka

"Civil Society and Climate Change: Transnational Advocacy for Climate Justice" by Gordon Katic

"Indigenous Movements and the Struggle for Political Power: a comparative analysis of Ecuador and Bolivia" by Julia Malmo-Laycock

"Feminist Ethics and the Rhetoric Surrounding Women and the War in Afghanistan" by Allison Rounding

"Assumptions, Morality and Consequences of Torture: The Counterproductivity of American Torture Policy" by Samantha Rousseau

"Conceptual Entrapment in Non-Human Ethics: Freeing Ourselves From a False Dichotomy" by Michel Ryan-Aylward


2010-2011 EDITION


"Unintended Consequences: How Pursuing Aboriginal Treaty Rights Inadvertently Strengthens Canadian Sovereignty" by Aaron Lao

"Recognition, Respect, and Rights: The Realms of Multiculturalism Explored" by Kristian Arciaga

"Tocqueville’s Democracy in America: The “Immarvelous” Combination of the Spirit of Religion and the Spirit of Freedom" by Dalaina Heiberg

"The Eichmann Aporia: Transitional Jurisprudence in the Postmodern Present" by Connor Cavanagh

"Forgotten Victims: Exploring why some wars are described in terms of rape while others are not, despite high levels of sexual violence in nearly all conflicts" by Genevieve Barrons

"Poppies and Pills at the Political-Economic Nexus: Coming to Grips with the Golden Triangle" by Shannon Mckimmin

"Labor Laws versus Economic Development: The Incentive Structure faced by Local Governments in China" by Elizabeth Ann MacArthur

"Laos: The Little State That Could" by Stephen Ullstrom

"Delegative Democracy in Venezuela: Undermining Representation and Accountability" by Kaan Yalkin

"Foreign Aid Hampers Development of Local Industries in Sub-Saharan Africa – Fundamental Reframing Of Aid Discourse Needed" by Mélanie Suter


2009-2010 EDITION


"Environmental Policy in BC And Alberta: Two Approaches" by Kate Addison

"Evaluation of UNAMA: The Challenges of a Conflictual Peace" by Vanessa van den Boogaard

"Towards a Theory of Liberal Autocracy: Constituting an Improbable Union" by Nicholas D. Anderson

"Making A Killing: Military Firms and their Impact on the State" by Hillson Tse

"Burns Bog: Power Relations in the Social Production of Nature" by Lyudmila Rodina

"A Peruvian Red Terror: Making Senseof Sendero Luminoso" by Cory Kleinschmidt

"Tightening the Legislative Noose: Post 9/11 Security Policies and the Implications for Human Rights" by Pavandeep Pamela Toor

"Displacement of Racialized Bodies: Analyzing South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission" by Kyla Brophy

"Stability in the Persian Gulf After the Iraq War: Preventing the Next Somalia" by James Kruk

"Public Opinion and Healthcare Spending in Canada:  Does the Level of Government Matter?" by Kate Addison 


2008-2009 EDITION


"Canada’s Withering Fight for Human Rights: Reassessing Policies on International Corporate Social Responsibility in the Resource Sector" by Gwendolen Eamer

"The Politics of British Columbia’s Carbon Tax: Implications for the Future of B.C. Politics" by Nathan Cato

"The Clinton Health Care Initiative: Dead on Arrival?" by Andrea Green

"Freedom and the Social Construction of Mental Illness" by Brad H. Morrison

"Nazi Law and Radbruch’s Formula: Facing the Problems Posed by the Existence of Morally Evil Law" by Vanessa van den Boogaard

"Opposing Gradients: Shades of Genocidaires, Militants and Refugees" by Hillson Tse

"The Tale of Jackal and Trusting Lion: Development and Political Intervention in Angola" by Will Plowright

"Globalization and Development: Managing Integration Through the Use of States, Institutions and Innovation" by Simon Kelly

"Reaping What You Sow: GMO Regulatory Policy and Path Dependence in Canada and the European Union" by Sverre Frisch

"The Globalization Paradox: Explaining Misconceptions About State Economic Sovereignty" by Chris Malmo-Laycock


2007-2008 EDITION


"Gay Civil Rights and Science: A Tug of War" by Manpreet Dhaliwa

"A Tale of Two Tiers:  Privatization of Healthcare in Alberta and B.C." by Kathleen Addison

"Genetically Engineered Crops, Food Security  and Regulation in sub-Saharan Africa" by Rhianon Bader

"Lost in Legal Limbo:  The Case of the Palestinian Refugees" by Mohammed (Mo) Al Mehairbi

"E. H. Carr’s Realism: Science and Dialogue in International Relations Theory" by Lauren Mills

"The Politics of Trade and Economic Development:  American Involvement in Southeast Asia" by David Brooks

"Homosexuality, Abortion and Pornography:  Moral Problems or Issues of Inequality?" by Iva Erceg

"Racism Without Races:  Analysing France’s Color-Blind Politics" by Sheena Bell

"Play and the Rôle of Ideology" by Nate Crompton

"Environment and Society:  An Intellectual Mapping of Giorgio Agamben’s Spaces of Exception" by James Gaffney


2006-2007 EDITION


"Deafness and Autonomy: Accommodating Difference" by Teddy Harrison

"Project for a New American Century: Ideologues and Influence in the War on Terror" by Travis Kayes

"Sovereignty Rising? A Report on the Status of Confederation’s Old Nemesis" by Ryan LaPlante

"Challenging the ‘Reality’ of Realism: The EU as a Transformative Model of Cooperation" by Joseph Szamuhel

"The Legality of Cluster Munitions within the Framework of International Humanitarian Law" by Madeleine Lyons

"Limits of Bureaucratic Organization: Hope for the Individual" by Diana Gibraiel

"The Persistence of Underdevelopment: A Story of Ineffective Governance and Misguided Institutions" by Samuel Slover

"America, Russia, and the Bomb: A Plague upon Both Houses" by Damian Chan

"The Chemical Industry and Environmental Policies: Responsible Care Programs" by Jessica Lithwick

"Communal Divide: The Rise of Hindutva in India" by Nabila Pirani

"Carrots or Sticks? Comparing the Clinton and Bush Approaches to North Korea" by Teresa Tang

"Eco-Feminism and Caste: A Useful Tool in the Analysis of Women’s Movements in India" by Jacqueline Bell


2005-2006 EDITION


"Islamic Fundamentalism and Narcotics: An Uncertain Future for the United States’ Alliance in South Asia" by Kiel Giddens

"Ships Passing in the Night: History and Theory of John Stuart Mill" by Sheena Bell

"The Environmental Justice Paradigm in Canada: Environmental Racism in Aboriginal Communities Angela Sterritt The European Security" by Blanket Ryan Cross

"Believing in Sex: Homosexuals in the Christian Church" by Myles Estey

"Reconciling Multiculturalism and the Need for a National Identity in Canada: Taylor and Kymlicka Compared" by Danica Michelle Waih-Manh Wong

"Aspects of the Christian Influence in the George W. Bush Presidency: Faith Based Initiatives and Public Image Julia Fenrich Highly Ignored Poor Countries: The Case for Debt Cancellation" by Anna Wong

"Lesbians, Single Women and their Rights to In Vitro Fertilisation Services in Australian Society" by Sarah Gooding

"Obstacles and Opportunities: An Examination of Barriers to Women in Egypt with Particular Emphasis on Law and Religion" by Stephanie Markovich

"Ballistic Missile Defense: Technical Difficulties and Political Dangers" by Sam Leung